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graphitize petroleum coke process

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Calcined Petroleum coke (often abbreviated petcoke) is a carbonaceous solid derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes.[1] Other coke has

Process for the desulfurization of petroleum coke

1979-3-27 · This invention relates to a process for the desulfurization of petroleum coke produced by the process of delayed coking. More particularly this invention relates to the desulfurization of delayed coke especially manufactured for use in graphite by the process of calcining the coke in a hydrocarbon fuel-fired calciner at temperatures in the range of from about 2700° F. to 2900° F.

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2019-4-19 · The Carbide/Graphite Group is a major U.S. manufacturer of graphite electrode products and calcium carbide products. Graphite electrodes are used as conductors of electricity, and are consumed, in the electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking process common to all minimill steel producers.

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Our company has been manufacturing and exporting graphite products for about 20 years,enjoying a good fame among the customers from all over the world.Our main items are used as carbon additives for steelmaking,foundry,casting and alloy,including Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC),Calcined Petroleum Coke(CPC),,Carbon Anode Scrap,Carbon Electrode Paste,and so on.The detailed specifiion of

Petroleum coke - Wikipedia

2019-4-23 · Petroleum coke, abbreviated coke or petcoke, is a final carbon-rich solid material that derives from oil refining, and is one type of the group of fuels referred to as cokes. Petcoke is the coke that, in particular, derives from a final cracking process—a thermo-based chemical engineering process that splits long chain hydrocarbons of

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Among their topics are the role of microbes in the eco-remediation of perturbed aquatic ecosystems, hydrocarbon biodegradation using agro-industrial wastes as co-substrates, extracting preformed mixed-phase graphene sheets from graphitized coal by fungal leaching, the contribution of earthworms to bioremediation as a living machine, and testing and monitoring biodegradable contaminants in

One-step heat treatment to process semi-coke …

2018-12-10 · Nevertheless, semi-coke powders with sizes smaller than 3 mm generally cannot be used in metallurgical industries and are abandoned as solid waste, resulting in environmental contamination. Herein, boron doping followed by facile one-step heat treatment in the range of 2100 to 2700 °C has been carried out to process semi-coke powder waste.

Modeling reaction kinetics of petroleum coke …

Kinetics characteristics of petroleum coke gasifiion with CO 2 at 1248–1323 K and 0.1 MPa were studied using a pressurized thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). It is shown that gasifiion rate increases with increasing conversion and then decreases after reaching a peak value around x = 0.3.The poor initial porosity is the main reason of the occurrence of maximal gasifiion rate.

GENERAL I ARTICLE Many Phases of Carbon

2019-4-9 · composites. In this process petroleum coke is mixed into a paste with a coal tar pitch and then heated to around 1200°C -1400°C. This step drives out all volatile material from the petroleum coke. Further heating this to 2500°C -3000°C causes an ordering of the carbon atoms to graphitize the mixture into a completely

H.O. Pierson. Handbook of carbon, graphite, diamond …

H.O. Pierson. Handbook of carbon, graphite, diamond and fullerenes. Properties, processing and appliions. 1993.pdf

Promotion of Crystal Growth on Biomass-based Carbon …

based carbons are believed to be hard to graphitize even after heat treatments well beyond 2000 °C, we found that graphitic microcrystals of for example, petroleum coke and asphalt. On the other hand, there are carbons that are always non-graphitic, even after heating well beyond 2000 °C. These are so-called non-graphitizable carbons

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2015-1-30 · Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 44545_/__ 53|1 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 44545_/_

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Calcined Petroleum coke comes from delayed coke which extracted from oil refinery. Although calcined petroleum coke contains high content of sulfur and nitrogen, its price advantage makes it still use widely during steel-making and founding as a kind of carbon additive . 2.Q: sample 9 Free SAMPLE can arranged for your evaluation .

Discussion on selection of raw materials for processing

2018-4-10 · Less ash raw materials include petroleum coke, pitch coke and carbon black. There are many kinds of raw materials for carburizer, and the production process is also

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2018-11-9 · with the pitch-bonded coke flour system alone. This corresponds to a mercury density of more than 1.88 gm/cc, or about 93 per cent of the theoretical density. Still higher densities can be attained if somewhat more than 15 or less than 13 per cent of thermal carbon is substituted for petroleum coke


2015-12-4 · This process is repeated to improve the density. This chapter range 100–550ºC for the petroleum coke based samples heat treated at 800 and 1500 that the Cp decreases with heat treatment temperatures as the sample tends to graphitize.

Production of coke from scrap tire vacuum pyrolysis …

238 A. Chaala, C Roy/Fuel Processing Technology 46 (1996) 227-239 The coke obtained from scrap tire vacuum pyrolysis-derived oils is characterized by low sulfur, low ash and low metal contents, including a low vanadium concentration which is the main contaminant of commercial petroleum cokes.

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Calcined Petroleum coke comes from delayed coke which extracted from oil refinery. Although calcined petroleum coke contains high content of sulfur and nitrogen, its price advantage makes it still use widely during steel-making and founding as a kind of carbon additive . 2.Q: sample 9 Free SAMPLE can arranged for your evaluation .

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2015-3-5 · 3 alytic Reforming of Naphtha alytic Reforming alytic reforming is the process of transforming C7–C10 hydrocarbons with low octane nuers to aromatics and iso-paraffins which have high octane nuers It is a highly endothermic process requiring large amounts of energy Feedst ock

alytic graphitization of cellulose using nickel as

2019-4-26 · Although alytic graphitization is effective with a nuer of carbon materials, there has been much less research into the graphitization of cellulose as compared to petroleum coke or pitch, primarily because the structural transformation of cellulose-based non-graphitizable carbon is very difficult even at extremely high temperatures.

The manufacture of artefacts from coal -

2015-12-13 · Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8DH. UK A process is described in which a raw coking coal (NCB such as ground calcined petroleum coke and/or carbon black is mixed

Thermal desulfurization and calcination of petroleum …

1979-7-10 · Low sulfur calcined coke is produced from high sulfur raw coke without substantially lowering its bulk density by heating the coke at a first temperature such that no more than about 70 wt.% of the volatile matter is removed therefrom and then heating the partially devolatilized coke at a higher temperature sufficient to effect calcination and desulfurization.

US Patent for Treatment of petroleum cokes to inhibit …

A process for treating high sulfur petroleum coke to inhibit puffing is disclosed wherein particles of the petroleum coke are contacted, in the absence of a binder, with a compound containing an alkali or alkaline earth metal selected from the group consisting of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, at an elevated temperature above that at which the alkali or alkaline earth metal compound


which is the heat required to graphitize petroleum coke or pitch (Franklin 1951; Dahn et al. 1995). Therefore, the generally used heating method is not suitable for cellulose. In this case, an alternative method alytic graphitization – may be preferable. alytic graphitization utilizing transition metals, such as Fe, Co, Ni, Mn, or

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I''m confused about the concept. Is there any difference between graphitized carbon and grapthitic carbon? Since my carbon has multi-layers, it can''t be called graphene, so we chosed the name

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